Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Ted Cruz Staffer Complains About Losing Her Heal Insurance Which Was Caused By People Like Ted Cruz

So Ted Cruz's speechwriter and senior communications adviser, Amanda Carpenter, finds herself in an annoying predicament. Being a congressional staff member, she is required by law to buy a health insurance plan from the Obamacare exchanges, and she has to do it soon. Unfortunately, she's been having problems with healthcare.gov, and tweeted her displeasure on Saturday:

The great irony in all this is that Mrs. Carpenter wouldn't be in this predicament if not for her own idiot boss and his idiot colleagues.

Just to recap, back when Obamacare was still being legislated, Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley added an amendment that would force all congressman and their staffers to sign up on the Obamacare exchanges. Grassley didn't think the Dems would go for it and so he would be able to score some stupid political points. Unfortunately, things didn't work out the way he thought they would and the Dems kept that amendment in place. So now all congressman and their staffers were to be kicked off their current health care plans, and were now forced to go on the exchanges.

But here's where it gets better. It turns out that even with the amendment, not all staffers had to go on to the exchanges. Some could keep their current plans if their bosses designated them as "official staff". However, Mrs. Carpenter's boss, Sen. Ted Cruz, decided that he would not give any of his staffers such an option, and thus Mrs. Carpenter kissed her previous plan good bye.

Of course, Carpenter blames Obama cause come on, right? Though maybe she's not totally wrong. After all,  if it wasn't for Obama, Obamacare never would have been created, and thus there would be no reason for Grassley to add an amendment that would kick Amanda off her current insurance plan, which her boss would eventually wind up happily supporting.

As if that wasn't bad enough, Carpenter complained that the best new plan that she could find would be inferior to the plan that she had before:

It's worth pointing out that Carpenter's previous plan was covered by the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program, which, just to remind everyone, was pretty much Obamacare before Obamcacre.
Keep your government hands off Amanda's socialized health care, Obama!

Finally, I'd like to highlight one more tweet from her:

I highlight this because it shows that despite being as big a teabagger as her boss, she's not stupid enough to go without health insurance. Oh sure, you might say that she's required under the law to do so (and this is something Carpenter herself stated), and you would be correct. But she could still choose to simply pay the penalty instead, which sounds like a pretty sweet deal. Or at least, that's what her fellow teabaggers at Generation Opportunity are claiming. Any youngin' who might be swayed by these folks should probably keep this in mind.

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