Monday, December 30, 2013

Which Third World Countries Has Darrell Issa Been To?

While I'm sure that most of the blogosphere will no doubt focus on Darrel Issa's lame attempts to damage control BENGHAZI! BENGHAZI! BENGHAZI!, we should not let other comments made by the congressman go unnoticed. Comments such as the following on Obamacare:

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Issa: Some of these things the Administration talks about as good, are in fact large expansions in medicaid. The fact that people, well into the middle class, are going to get subsidies, is going to cause them to look at health care differently. Health care sort of in a third world way of "do we get subsidies from the government for our milk for our gasoline and oh by the way, for our health care?"

 Excuse me? Since when has the idea of providing subsidies for the populace to buy food and such something that's emblematic of third world countries? I could be wrong, but I don't think third world countries are characterized by benevolent governments looking out for the well being of their people. Last I checked, Somalia's not really known for its generous social safety nets.

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  1. don't the oil companies get about 4 billion dollars a year in subsidies?