Monday, April 22, 2013

So Apparently, Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly Are Involved In The Benghazi Coverup Now Too...

I was browsing Sean Hannity's twitter feed to find something LOL-worthy, and it didn't disappoint. Granted, it wasn't exactly what I was expecting. I was hoping to see something amusing coming out of Hannity himself, but the stars of this episode happen to be his own idiot followers.

See, Hannity made a tweet bashing Obama for his supposed hypocrisy on taxes, and was no doubt expecting a flood of agreement from his followers. It didn't exactly work out that way (click to enlarge):

Yes, instead of getting behind him, his followers turned their ire to Hannity himself for supposedly (I swear, you can't make this shit up) protecting the evil, socialist, Kenyan muslim by not reporting on Benghazi enough.

Let that sink in for a moment. Sean Hannity, no seriously, SEAN FUCKING HANNITY, for reasons that have yet to be clarified, is doing his best to somehow help Barack Hussein Bin Laden Obama! We're so far down the rabbit hole at this point that we've already passed China.

This wasn't limited to just Hannity either. His own colleague, Bill "Papa Bear" O'Reilly, also wasn't able to escape the wrath of these, for lack of a better term, "people":

I have to say, this must be a part of that 11th dimensional chess stuff I keep hearing about. Apparently, both O'Reilly and Hannity have worked diligently over the past 15 years to give the impression that they're immense right-wing assholes, only to suddenly turn around and switch sides to Obama right at the cusp of Benghazi-gate. This was a flimflam a decade in the making that could only have been orchestrated by a Macchiavellian mastermind like Obama.


Also, can I just say that it never ceases to amaze me how the right wing media is constantly able to rile up their dimwitted followers? The outrage over Benghazi-gate in particular is quite fascinating to me. They've managed to convince their viewers that there were some shady, underhanded things being committed by the White House. Whether Obama was laughing maniacally as he intentionally delayed assistance to the embassy, or hell, coordinated the attack himself, these right-wingers just know that he was doing something nefarious. It's gotten to the point that these people are more outraged at Obama's 9/11 than the original 9/11!

Sure, there were morons rampant at townhalls during the health care debate, constantly invoking Godwin's Law and telling the government to keep their hands off their medicare, but this is a bit different. At least with HCR, you could make the excuse that right-wingers were indoctrinated for years about the evils of government run health care. With Benghazi-gate, however, this is something that these fuckers wouldn't have given two shits about in any other context. I cannot think of any remotely similar phenomenon happening on the left, where our kingpins like Bill Maher and Rachel Maddow tell us to be furious about something that we otherwise wouldn't have.

Anyway, good job conservative media, on creating this (less coherent and eloquent) Frankenstein's monster.

UPDATE: For some reason the images don't enlarge properly. So just click THIS and THIS until I can figure it out.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Sean Hannity Inadvertently Refutes Right Wing Meme About High Taxes

Sean Hannity prepared himself a nice helping of righteous indignation the other day when Pres. Obama and VP Biden released their tax returns.

See, Sean was upset that despite all of Obama's typical class warrior talk about having the rich pay more in taxes, he himself paid only a measly 18.4% (as did Biden), once again proving that he's the worst socialist ever. The segment was about what you would expect from Hannity, but he did say something that I thought would be worth highlighting:

"I'm telling you [Tucker Carlson] I am paying state, local, federal taxes, I pay 60 cents of every dollar I make!"
Let us ignore for a second that Hannity's comparing the taxes Obama paid federally, to the amount Sean Hannity claims he's paying when combining federal, state and local taxes. Let's also, for the sake of this discussion, give Hannity the benefit of the doubt and assume his statement is factual (he does live in the liberal cesspool of NYC, NY. so he might not be too far off).  Having the government confiscate 60% of one's income does sound pretty painful. Heck, I think even a good chunk of liberals may think that's a bit much.

But my main issue with what Hannity's claim is that it seems to conflict with the right wing meme that taxing the successful, no matter how little, will cause said successful folk to either flee to lower tax havens where their Galtian talents would be properly appreciated, or cease working entirely because after a certain point, it wouldn't be worth the effort. Clearly, Hannity doesn't seem to mind residing in one of the highest taxes cities, in one of the highest taxed states in the country. Nor does he seem to think that taxes are too onerous to stop working entirely either.

But why? Well, let's take a quick look at Hannity's annual income, which seems to be $30 million ($10 million from Fox, and $20 million for his radio show), which would make his after tax income $14 million.  It's quite possible that despite rhetoric from the right (including Hannity), he feels that making $14 million is still somewhat more preferable than making zero dollars.

Imagine that.

RNC Committeeman: We Don't Plan On Ever Supporting Gay Marriage

On Friday's episode of Hardball, Chris Matthews invited RNC committeeman, Robin Armstrong to discuss the recent resolution by the RNC to double down on their stance on gay marriage. Matthews asked Armstrong if the Republican Party would ever support gay marriage, here's how that exchange went (starts at 2;24):

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Armstrong: All we're saying is that, listen, we affirm that marriage is between one man and one woman. We believe that, we're not gonna compromise that value, that is what we believe. But-
Matthews: Ever? You're never gonna compromise? No, let me get this straight. Doctor, you say you're  never going, I want to get your phrasing here. Are you, ever, ever going to be open to the door of changing that position or is it permanent with your party ?

Armstrong: I am saying right now, that-

Matthews: Right now.

Armstrong: We are not going to compromise-

 Matthews: Right now.

Armstrong: We're not going to compromise that value and we do not plan on compromising that value in the future.

Matthews:  Ever? 

Armstrong: Ever.

Armstrong then went on to try and console any gay Republicans out there by saying that the Republican Party would still happily welcome their votes (Seriously. Minutes earlier he said that such a thing demonstrates that the Republicans are the "tolerant" party).

Matthews also invited Gregory Angelo, a member of the Log Cabin Republicans (aka, the political equivalent of Chickens For Colonel Sanders, to quote Markos Moulitsas), who didn't seem bothered by RNC's resolution enough to change parties. Now there's a guy who presumably really loves his tax cuts.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Stephen Moore's Still A Hack

UPDATE:  The fine folks at Upworthy have the clip in question. Sadly, I don't know how to embed it, so just click it.

On Friday, Wall Street Journal columnist, and notable dumb person, Stephen Moore, graced the panel on Bill Maher's Real Time. Towards the end of the show, he got into an exchange with Maher and co-panelist, Sen. Bernie Sanders about corporate tax rates:

Sanders: One out of four corporations of America are not paying any taxes.

*cross talk*

Moore: We have the highest corporate tax rate in the world, senator.

Sanders: No, we do not.

Moore: Yes we do. 35%. The Tax Foundation says the United States has the highest corporate tax rate.

Sanders: And who funds the Tax Foundation?

Maher: Whoa, whoa, whoa.


Moore: We have the highest tax rate!

Sanders: We have the highest nominal, not effective, that's the difference.What people really pay is the lowest. It's 12%...

 Maher: How much did General Electric pay? Zero! [Emphasis his]

It was at this point, a funny thing happened: Moore agreed with Maher!

Moore: That's why we gotta totally overhaul the corporate taxes. I've been on that for - we should have a flat tax.
Wait, what? Not too long ago Moore was complaining about taxes being absolutely draconian, and now he agrees that they're not in fact as high as he was stating? This apparent contradiction wasn't lost on Maher, who responded with a chuckle: "A second ago, we were paying the highest."

Moore then tried to save face by suggesting that "some" corporations get away with not paying any taxes, and that led to this exchange:

Sanders: One out of four, as a matter of fact.

Maher:  A lot of them. Over half of the biggest 500 corporations paid less than 11%.

Moore: Wait a minute. Can we agree if you have the highest corporate tax rate in the world...

Sanders: You don't!

Moore: ..and out tax collections are too low, there's a big problem with the system?

Wait, what? After making a deceptive argument, then getting called out on it, then agreeing with the rebuttal, Moore...goes back to his original deceptive argument? All this happened under 2 minutes!

Of course, Moore's been doing this sort of thing for years, so I shouldn't be surprised. I guess I just expect a bit more from WSJ hacks than I do from your average right wing hacks.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Reince Priebus Honors Anniversary of Martin Luther King's Assasination In A Very Reince Priebus Way

I know I already did a post on Reince Priebus not too long ago, but I thought this was worth double dipping.

Priebus commemorated the death of Martin Luther King with a post under the title of "Black Republicans" praising all that he stood for. For the most part it's the usual type of lip service to civil rights leaders that we hear from conservatives, but this part in particular stood out to me:

But the truest testament to his influence is not etched in stone. No, the real measure of his work is that America is today a better place thanks to him. Segregation is but a memory. Discrimination is outlawed. Racism is recognized as the evil that it is.
Oh yeah, we're definitely living in a racial utopia, no doubt. I mean, we elected a black president, after all! What more proof do you need? Did I mention he was black?

I'd like to take a moment to bring to the Chairman's attention that we're living in the year 2013 and we have high school proms that are are yet to be integrated. Tennessee lawmakers decided to back off an idea to pursue school vouchers once they realized they wouldn't be able to discriminate against muslims. And if racism is recognized as evil, someone clearly didn't inform a few CPAC attendees who happened to be white supremacists (who by the way, weren't nearly as unpopular as one would think they would be, if the reactions of he other CPAC attendees were anything to go by).

Sorry, Reince. But there's still a lot of work to be done before everything's all sunshine and rainbows. To give you a better idea of how much of an uphill battle we still have, here are 18 more more extremely offensive examples of bigotry:

1. Mississippi Ratifies 13th Amendment 148 years after slavery was abolished (and not a moment too soon!)
2. Montana Tea Partier posts racist "Obama Bait" photo on Facebook
3. Republican lawmaker calls Obama a "tar baby"
4. Republican George Allen's "macaca" moment
5. Republican governor Haley Barbour honoring the confederate flag
6. Republican governor Bob McDonnell honoring the confederate flag
7. Republican governor Mike Huckabee honoring the confederate flag (I think I'm seeing a pattern here)
8. As recently as April, 2011, 46% of Republicans in Mississippi oppose the idea of interracial marriage
9. Republican federal judge resigns after sending racist Obama e-mail
10. Orange County Tea Partier sends e-mail of Obama depicted as a monkey
11. Repubican senate candidate's son suggest sending Obama "back to Kenya"
12. Racist Anti-Obama slogans higher in 2012 election than in 2008
13. Man "lynches" empty chair (guess who was supposed to represent the chair?)
14. Romney supporter wears "Put the White back in the White House" shirt
15. Republicans throw nuts at Black CNN camerawoman
16. More racist bumper stickers
17. Media Research Center low life, Brent Bozell calls Obama a "skinny, ghetto crackhead".
18. Failed Tea Party candidate calls for assassination of Obama and his daughters

Yeah. Did I mention that a good chunk of those happened within the past year?

By the way, did I mention that on that MLK commemoration page, there's no picture of MLK at all? Though there's lots of Reince:

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Reince Priebus: Obama's The Worst Socialist Ever

The Chairman of the Republican National Committee, and evil imp from the 5th dimension, Reince Priebus took to the opinion pages of the Fresno Bee to pen this really bizarre op-ed piece. Apparently, Priebus is quite angry that the socialist, wealth redistributing, class warrior doesn't seem to hate the wealthy enough:

A legion of limousine liberals will descend tonight on San Francisco's famed Billionaire's Row. Leading the pack, the most famous limo of them all -- and inside it, the chief liberal, President Barack Obama.
Though now free of the demands of campaign fund-raising, the president has discovered he really, really misses it. So he's back on the big-money circuit, this time for his friends at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

And where better for the self-ordained defender of the middle class to champion his cause than the home of oil heir Gordon Getty, in the heart of Billionaire's Row, the bay-view boulevard where those with ten-figure net-worths snatch up homes with eight-figure price tags.

In his February State of the Union Address, the president delivered a robust defense of the middle class. "It is our generation's task, then, to re-ignite the true engine of America's economic growth: a rising, thriving middle class." Great! The middle class needs help after the first four years of his presidency. Yet watching the president's actions, his words ring hollow.

For good measure, the president used the speech to fire a rhetorical shot at billionaires -- as he often does. Few Americans haven't heard him malign "millionaires and billionaires" for any number of reasons. But nothing says "I really mean it" like rubbing elbows with them in the Bay Area.

This is Obama's method of operation: publicly brow-beating then privately back-slapping. And while he collects checks from those he pretends to disdain, taxpayers get to foot the bill. A jaunt to California may cost a couple hundred dollars on JetBlue. But on Air Force One, it costs $180,000. An hour.

Read more here:

The nerve of that that lousy, supposedly liberal hypocrite! Constantly talking about how much he wants to round up the well off and place them in concentration camps, only to shower them with affection when no one's looking. Has he no shame?!

As I've documented many times before, this inane argument that shows contempt towards any organism with functioning neurons, appears every so often from the Right. Republicans like Reince know full well that constantly whining about the plight of the rich is not something that draws sympathy among the public, so they engage in this stupid, Karl Rovian tactic of turning everything on its head. Black is white, up is down, and Republicans are in fact, concerned about the very poor.

Reince, please stop writing op-eds and just stick to tormenting Superman.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Curt Schilling's Still a Teabagger

I'm not a big baseball fan, but I did develop an interest in Red Sox pitcher, and outspoken anti-government bootstrapper, Curt Schilling. Back in November, a lawsuit was filed against Schilling by the state of Rhode Island for bilking the taxpayers for millions of dollars. It's been a while since I heard about any updates, aside from this somewhat recent report about Schilling politely asking a judge to simply forget about this whole bamboozling business and call it squaresies. Seems like he isn't having fun anymore.

I was curious to see if Schilling learned anything - anything at all - from this catastrophe, so I went to check out his blog, which sadly wasn't updated very often. So then I decided to scout his twitter feed, which fortunately, proved to be more useful. Sadly, however, it seemed Schilling was just as teabagger-y as ever:

Yes, if anyone has a right to speak out against crushing debt, it's Curt Schilling.

For we all know, you would never do such a thing, right, Curt?

Indeed. And the $75 million government loan you took didn't include a single penny from the tax payers of Rhode Island either.

I don't think I'm being unfair with my criticism. Here's a guy who constantly spewed Randian garbage like this and this, only to turn around and not only seek out evil socialist assistance, but actively encourage states to listen to that advice, as well!

Granted, I suppose it's too much to expect that such an experience would cause Schilling to reevaluate his economic beliefs. But at the very least, you would think Schilling would have enough sense to keep his politics to himself. But as I've said many a time, self awareness and shame are commodities that were always in short supply among teabaggers.

UPDATE: Seems the bucks stops with everyone else.