Monday, January 20, 2014

Melissa Harris Perry Mispronounces Marines Motto, Conservatives React As You Would Expect

Man, that Melissa Harris Perry is just a lightning rod for controversy. Just a few weeks ago she came out against the idea of interracial adoption, and now she focuses her contempt at our beloved marine corps. Take it away, Mark Finkelstein at Newsbusters:

In a segment on the role of the US military during her MSNBC show this morning, Harris-Perry, quoting the Marine Corps motto, pronounced it Semper "Fee."  Marines of course pronounce it "fye".  Harris-Perry surely meant no disrespect. But it is a mark of just how detached she and so much of the liberal media is from military culture that she could make such a mistake. 

Yes, Melisssa Harris Perry, history's greatest monster, mispronounced the "Fi" in "Semper Fi", thus continuing the liberal tradition of hating the troops.

And it wasn't just Newsbusters that reported this. Breitbart, Free Republic, Biz Pac Review and other right-wing sites hopped on the outrage bandwagon as well. As is always the case, the comments provided the type of level headed criticism that you would expect from right-wingers:

"Oh, well, give them an F for eFfort. If it's not her with this blooper, then it's Obama with Marine Cprpse (Corps), or Dukakis (sp) with his tank ride and earflaps flapping. They cannot help it. They are unfamiliar with, and have no interest in our military, except to keep their sorry asses safe."
"WhyTF is this liberal hag speaking my beloved Corps' motto????"
"Melissa, you ignorant slut."

"My local cable provider’s program description lists her as a political scientist. If she’s a political scientist, I’m a rocket scientist (the pointy end goes toward the sky)."

"And to think she almost got tenure at Princeton.
Better to keep your mouth shut than to advertise your low IQ."

"I am beginning to find that when a woman wears glasses with big ugly black frames, it’s a message that says, “I’m a leftist,” and “I don’t care if this is ugly, I’m so confident that the right sort of lefty man will find me attractive even if I’m deliberately making myself ugly.”

Stay classy, guys.

For the record, it's probably worth pointing out that Semper Fi is short for Semper Fidelis, which is pronounced "fee-delis". But even if one doesn't accept this excuse because MHP used the short hand version, which has a different pronunciation, the point remains that this is quite an idiotic thing to whine about (even for conservatives).

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  1. That cracks me up because of all the wing nut war bloggers called George Bush the Commander And Chief instead of the correct Commander in Chief.