Wednesday, February 19, 2014

In A Mere Four Years, Joe The Plunger Goes From Aspriring Job Creator To Union Thug

Per Greg Sargent:

A lot of folks are having fun with the news that “Joe the Plumber,” the Ohio man who famously tangled with Obama over his “spread the wealth” comment back in 2008, has now gotten himself a union job with Chrysler Group LLC. Ever since that encounter with Obama, Joe has enjoyed years of national recognition as the leading regular-guy critic of Obama’s penchant for seizing people’s hard earned money and giving it away to others.
 And it seems poor ole' Joe's having trouble making friends:

As the Toledo Blade reports, Joe the Plumber — a.k.a. Samuel Wurzelbacher — says he was required to join the United Auto Workers, now that he works for a union shop, and claims he’s been called a “Tea Bagger” by at least one pro-union co-worker. “I’m a Republican who was cast into the limelight for having the temerity to confront Barack Obama on the question of redistributing wealth,” Joe says. “But I’m a working man, and I’m working.”
 But arguably the best part is this:

The union angle is fun, but it’s worth noting another interesting and amusing irony to this tale. It appears plausible that Joe the Plumber may not have gotten this auto job if it weren’t for the hated bailout of the auto industry, which was first championed by George W. Bush and then became a leading symbol for years of Obama’s penchant for big-footed government intervention in the private market.

Sean McAlinden, who has studied the auto-bailout as the chief economist for the non-profit Center for Automotive Research, tells me it’s likely Joe’s new job is at one of two Chrysler plants currently operating in Toledo, Ohio, Joe’s home town. (I’ve emailed Joe asking for more info.)

“He wouldn’t have gotten a job in Toledo if Chrysler hadn’t been bailed out,” McAlinden tells me. “The unemployment rate in Toledo would have been at 15 percent.”
 Yes, Joe spent the past four years railing against Obama's job killing policies, only to wind up working at a place that wouldn't be around were it not for said job killing policies.

But as amusing as all this is, I have to say I'm honestly surprised Joe is in the position that he is. Remember, this guy was practically deified by the Right for his valiant defense of the rich as a non-rich person, against the Marxist would be tyrant. You would think the guy would be set for life via wingnut welfare. Either getting hired as a Fox News contributor, getting his own radio show, or going on book tours and speaking engagements, you would think he'd never have to worry about relying on conventional work ever again. It's gotta sting quite a bit to realize that Joe is a big enough loser that that he fails to meet even the Right Wing media apparatus' abyssmlaly low standards.

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