Friday, February 14, 2014

Michele Bachmann: Pray The Obamacare Away

Yeah, good luck with that:

That's why you saw the House of Representatives pass my bill, the full repeal of Obamacare last week, and that's why I have renewed confidence that we can see this bill pass in the Senate and I think the President will ultimately be forced to repudiate his own signature piece of legislation because the American people will demand it.

And I think before his second term is over, we're going to see a miracle before our eyes, I believe God is going to answer our prayers and we'll be freed from the yoke of Obamacare. I believe that's going to happen and we saw step one last week with the repeal of Obamacare in the House. We have two more steps. We serve a mighty God and I believe it can happen.

I just have to ask: How is this supposed to work exactly? If prayer worked towards stopping Obamacare, wouldn't it never have been passed to begin with? And how does this explain the 2012 election? Does that mean God supports Obamacare? Or that it was God's punishment for the American people being insufficiently Christian?  Maybe the people who prayed for Obamacare to remain cancelled out the people who prayed for it to be repealed?

All that aside, this is one idea from the Righties I can totally support. I'm sure everyone would agree that things would be better if Bachmann and her ilk spent more of their time praying and less time trying to enact actual policy effecting people's lives.

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