Tuesday, March 25, 2014

GOP Rep's Hilarious Defense For Supporting Medicare Cuts He Himself Criticized

Rep. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) is trying to run for senate in Louisiana, and was recently at a town hall complaining about Obama "cutting" medicare:

Unfortunately, Cassidy makes the mistake of admitting that he himself voted for those very cuts he was railing against. When asked about it, this was the response from his communications director, John Cummins:

"The legislation was embryonic, whereas Obamacare passed and came into law," Cummins told HuffPost, in reference to the Ryan budget, which he called a "blueprint."
 There's an abortion joke in here somewhere. But more importantly, really? That's his defense? Sure, he voted for those very same cuts, but it's okay cause Paul Ryan's bill was never going to be enacted? Somehow I don't think that's the most persuasive argument.

Also, can I just point out how depressing it is that a party that's despised medicare since its inception over 50 years ago is now portraying itself as its ultimate defender, yet resulting with hardly any raised eyebrows? Yes, you have liberal blogs and such pointing this out, but we're always doing that. But I've never seen any mainstream, beltway reporters ever confronted any one of these clowns and asked "Wait, what happened to that whole socialized medicine being equivalent to genocide thing thing you were talking about last week?"

Seriously, can you imagine if Obama or any Democratic legislator tried to scare a room full of millionaires that the Republicans were planning on raising their taxes? Of course not! Democrats can be very frustrating, but at the very least they're not breathtakingly cynical. But hey, both sides, right?

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  1. There does not need to be any logical consistency to R policies. They are "correct" by fiat, because they are not DemocRAT policies, as the R's so very much like to classify them.

    If Republican's came out with a policy by which the 1% would literally drink the blood of the working class, and everyone was required to donate, the R's would support it because "the Democrats are worse". There is no pathway to daylight for the willingly blind