Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Did a Conservative Columnist Just Admit That Hannity And Right-Wing Media Wanted Cliven Bundy To Be Killed?

From Matt Lewis at the Daily Caller:

Conservatives do this to themselves. In the grand scheme of things — with scandals like Benghazi and topics like Iran to cover — should it matter that some rancher in Nevada is a racist? Should it matter what some random guy thinks about race relations? Of course, not! But it’s hard to make that argument after you’ve spent weeks building him up just so someone else can tear him down.
So why do conservatives keep doing this?

Here’s a theory: When the 1992 Ruby Ridge standoff resulted in the death of Randy Weaver’s wife and son — and when the disastrous 1993 Federal raid on the Branch Davidian in Waco, Texas took place — it’s fair to say that it did have a negative impact on the Clinton Administration (*Note: The Ruby Ridge standoff occurred in 1992, on President George H.W. Bush’s watch).

Both events were tragic, of course, but they also (understandably) fed an anti-government sentiment that was very good for the nascent conservative entertainment complex. Could it be that conservatives are still fighting the last war?

Like the aforementioned examples, Cliven Bundy had an “armed militia of supporters.” (As the New York Times recalled in 1995: “The Ruby Ridge confrontation involved an armed separatist brigade. The Davidians were also well equipped with weapons.”)

So if you are a conservative talk radio host, for example, might you not look at Bundy through the prism of Ruby Ridge? In the beginning, it might have been easy to assume Bundy would also go out in a blaze of glory, becoming a sort of martyr. And in this scenario, it would have been important to have staked out a pro-Bundy position before the government turned him into a real folk hero.
Of course, it was rather obvious when you watched Sean Hannity interview Bundy back when they were BFFs, and he kept prodding Bundy to confirm that he was going to fire at BLM officials if they continued to pursue his cattle. But we weren't supposed to jump to any conclusions at the time. For all we knew, Hannity was probably trying to convince him to give himself up and surrender peacefully. 

Matt Lewis is a loyal Right-wing soldier, so to see someone like him admit that this was the end goal for people like Hannity and the rest of RWNM is pretty shocking to say the least.

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  1. They were actually hoping some women would be killed