Friday, April 25, 2014

States' Rights Supporting Secessionist Loses Popularity Following News of Insensitive Comments

You know, I'm really glad that Cliven Bundy's fifteen minutes of fame are over, but I can't help but be disappointed over the reason that caused his conservative fanboys in the media to head for the hills. The man broke the law and lived like a moocher for twenty years, and when he was about to be punished for his transgressions, he decided he was going to KILL federal agents! And yet, few on the Right had any issue with that, and in fact,  some (such as Sean Hannity) were actively encouraging this senile pinhead to make things a tad more interesting.

No, what ended up doing Bundy in wasn't his threats to commit a blatant act of sedition, but rather his horrendously racist remarks regarding the blahs. Of course those comments were idiotic and offensive, but what Bundy was doing before actually involved the possibility of multiple people actually getting KILLED.

When it comes to U.S. politics, I always feel like our priorities are almost always out of order. This incident reminds me of how Herman Cain's (remember him?) campaign came to an end, which The Onion summarized rather perfectly.

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