Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Todd Starnes Wonders Why Obama Wouldn't Offer Condolences To Non-Dead Officer

Fox News' Todd Starnes has been doing a bang up job over the past few months posting remarkably idiotic comments on the Twitters, and he continues that tradition with his most recent tweet:

Yes, Fox News' Todd Starnes does not seem to understand why our racist-in-chief would not offer condolences to the guy who is not currently dead. If Obama did do what Todd wanted, how would that go? "Sorry that Black kid got in the way of your bullets, officer"?

And now that Obama's went ahead and once again offered sympathy to a family of a slain African American teenager, prepare to see the floodgates open for more of this sort of vile, disgusting sewage spewed by every right-wing gasbag in the Party of Lincoln.

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