Saturday, October 4, 2014

So What Did Some Republican Compare To The Holocaust This Time?

If you said the separation of Church and State, congratulations, you get a cookie:

After placing his hand on the Bible and taking the oath of office, state Sen. Charles Perry compared what he called the “spiritual battle” brewing across the nation to the Holocaust.
God has a place in the government, Perry explained in his inaugural speech as he vividly recalled a recent trip to a concentration camp in Berlin.
“There were 10,000 people that were paraded into a medical office under the guise of a physical. As they stood with their back against the wall, they were executed with a bullet through the throat. Before they left, 10,000 people met their fate that way,” Perry said.
“Is it not the same than when our government continues to perpetuate laws that lead citizens away from God? The only difference is that the fraud of the Germans was more immediate and whereas the fraud of today’s government will not be exposed until the final days and will have eternal-lasting effects.”

 Yup, having a government that doesn't attempt to prefer one religion over another exactly the same (if not worse) than the systematic killing of an entire race of people.

Also, you would think that if God were so important to the Founding Fathers, they might have bothered to mention him at least once when they were writing that constitution thing.

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