Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Florida Republican Wants To Mandate Anti-Obama Film In Classrooms

Another day, another idiot Republican making the state of Florida look bad:

An effort to require students in Florida public schools to watch a controversial documentary by conservative pundit Dinesh D'Souza gained ground this week with the support of a state House member.

Rep. Neil Combee, a Lakeland Republican, filed a bill seeking to mandate that all eighth- and 11th-grade students view the film America: Imagine the World Without Her. His legislation is identical to a measure filed by Sen. Alan Hays in November.
Indoctrination is bad. Unless of course, it's the Right kind of indoctrination. Remember, kids. Like with everything in life, it's okay if you're a Republican.

While D'Souza's latest opus is an inflammatory, straw man laden, example of right-wing propaganda, it's also just simply a pretty terrible movie.

Also, too. Any time this wretched movie is brought up, I have to provide a link to a thoroughly enjoyable thrashing by David Corn and Tom Ashbrook. Those two provide some very entertaining tag team action against D'Souza and his inane, nonsensical arguments.

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