Monday, December 29, 2014

Gallup Poll Shows Obama Ends 2014 As Popular As Ronald Reagan

It's been a pretty tough year for President Obama. He's been taking a quite the beating in the polls throughout 2014, but it looks like he'll be finishing the year off in a decent position:

Don't look now, but President Barack Obama has been inching up in the polls, tying Reagan for this juncture in his presidency. Several polls have him inching up to nearly 50 percent approval rating after a rough 2014.
According to polls by CNN/ORC, Rasmussen, and Gallup, Obama's polling at 48%, a pretty good improvement over the low 40s that he's generally remained in. But probably the best part is how Obama ranks against the greatest president in U.S. history in similar time frame:

Yes, it appears that Obama is about as popular now as the great Ronaldus Magnus was in 1986. I don't think conservatives are going to enjoy that stat very much.

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  1. The truth is the truth any day; it is just incontestable. Congrats Mr. President