Friday, May 23, 2014

Welfare Recipient Ben Carson Complains About Welfare Recipients On The View

Wonderful. I was planning on going to sleep early today cause I have to wake up early for my second job, but that was before it was brought to my attention that Dr. Ben Carson, AKA, Herman Cain Jr. (God willing) was being an idiot again.

Carson went on The View earlier today and when discussing the topic of losers living on welfare had this to say:

When you rob someone of their incentive to go out there and improve themselves, you are not doing them any favors. When you take somebody and pat them on the head and say, ‘There, there, you poor little thing. … Let me give you housing subsidies, let me give you free health care because you can’t do that.’ What would be much more empowering is to use our intellect and our resources to give those people a way up and out.”

He said this in front of The View co-host, Whoopi Goldberg, herself being a welfare mother. As you could probably guess, doing such a thing made the wingnutosphere go wild with joy.

Joe Saunders from Bizpac Review:

He might or might not run for president, but there isn’t a better spokesman for conservative values in America today.
Cheryl Chumley from the Washington Times:

Ben Carson took to “The View” stage this week to explain to his mostly liberal hosts and largely liberal audience just why the liberal-driven welfare system stinks — and he emerged not only unscathed, but a big winner.
The Right Scoop:

But I must say, that after watching this interview, he might be closer to a presidential type than I had originally thought.

See here's the thing, though. It turns out that for some strange reason, the evil welfare system didn't seem to destroy the incentive for his own mother to go out and make things better for her and her family:

No doubt, Mother Carson deserves tremendous credit, but – in the words of a political sound bite from the last presidential election – she didn’t do it alone. Carson, in his book, tells how his grades improved tremendously when a government program provided him with free eyeglasses because he could barely see. Not only that, in “Gifted Hands” we read this nugget: “By the time I reached ninth grade, mother had made such strides that she received nothing but food stamps. She couldn’t have provided for us and kept up the house without that subsidy.”

Well, isn't that interesting? Ah, but you see, Carson has an excuse as to why the situation with his mother is completely different from the situations with everyone else currently on welfare:

It’s hard not to see Carson’s own upbringing coming into view here. He grew up in meager surroundings in Detroit and Boston, in a family that made use of public assistance programs like food stamps. The culture was different then, Carson insists. “I think there was a time when people were not proud of taking handouts,” he said. “There were more people who did have that drive and determination. You do what you have to do."
So according to Carson, it's okay to accept government assistance as long as you feel bad about it. And he seems to think that nobody who is on welfare today feels shame, cause apparently nobody seems to demonize it or anything. But even so, what about all that stuff about self reliance and bootstrapping and whatnot? Once you accept government aid, doesn't Ronald Reagan begin weeping from White Heaven?

He goes on to say:

Did food stamps allow me to achieve my dream?” He laughed. “Of course not.”

 Directly contradicting what he said in his book:

He writes elsewhere, “As I’ve said, we received food stamps and couldn’t have made it without them.”

The depressing thing about all this is that conservatives won't see this inconvenient little bit of history as an example of hypocrisy. Why? Because while Carson himself may have grown up on welfare, he's now espousing policies that make sure other people can't get on welfare, so it's totally cool (this is an actual defense that I've seen thrown around by right-wing bloggers, by the way). After all, did the fact that former vice presidential candidate and child prodigy, Paul Ryan supported himself with the social security benefits of his deceased father hurt his status as a conservative ubermensch in the least? Of course not. And it won't hurt Carson either.

Watch the interview:

Read more here:

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

BREAKING: Bundy Ranch Supporters Repeatedly Shoot Irony In The Face

These guys deserve an award for being just so amazingly Republican:

The life of an ever-vigilant anti-government armed patriot is hard. And by hard, I mean dull and unproductive. Also, not very profitable. Maybe that's why all those guys hanging out cleaning their guns in Nevada are now begging hard-working Americans to please give them some money.
One enterprising ranch defender needs funds so badly, he's taken to GoFundMe:
To all American Patriots:
I am the Team Leader that took Charlie Delta, the black marine, out to Nevada along with two other volunteers that all did an outstanding job at the Bundy Ranch. I understand most of you have come to know Charlie Delta through his expressed views on Cliven Bundy and the good we are all doing as patriots at the ranch. I am coming to you tonight humbly asking for your help. We may be the front line soldiers facing down an overbearing govt bureaucracy, but we are first off family men and women that have our own homes and jobs and families left behind to take on this endeavor. Therefore we have spent our fortunes for freedom and love of our fellow man and need your help to continue our efforts to keep all Americans free from tyranny. Please if you can spare even a few dollars for food, fuel and supplies to continue the stand against tyranny and an overbearing governtment [sic] please help. Even the smallext [sic] amount will help keep up the pressure to return this land to the people. I thank you all sincerely for your contribution.
Christopher E Ferrell
United we stand! Divided we fall!

So basically, you have a group of people who presumably hate the idea of people mooching off the government, attempting to mooch off other people so that they could continue their crusade to help some guy continue mooching off the government. Sounds about right.

Ah, but wait! Conservatives will claim that what these wonderful patriots are doing doesn't count as begging for welfare because said patriots are begging for help from the private sector and not relying on the evil, oppressive government.

This might sound like a reasonable defense if it wasn't for the fact that conservatives disapprove of the idea of begging in general. Does anyone think that the Right would have any non-negative feelings towards say, a minority panhandling on some street corner? I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that they wouldn't be too fond of such a person, even if they were receiving money from willing donors. I would further assume that said panhandler would be criticized for having weak moral fiber and instead of begging for assistance, would be encouraged to just starve to death (Thessalonians 3:10: “For even when we were with you, we gave you this command: Anyone unwilling to work should not eat.”) as written in the holy texts by the Prophet Reagan (PBUH).

Of course, this sort of criticism only applies to us mooching mortals. For you see, Republicans are God's chosen people, and they are entitled to any form of aid, either by the private or public sector, and thus it is impossible for them to be considered hypocrites (This is known as the IOIYAR Doctrine, if you want to get all technical).

Nice try, liberals.

UPDATE: Hahaha, looks like these idiots are capable of feeling shame after all. Seems Ferrell took down his GoFundMe page.

UPDATE 2: He seems to have another fundraising page still up for some reason. This one seems to be doing even worse than the other one (click to enlarge) ...