Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Todd Starnes Wonders Why Obama Wouldn't Offer Condolences To Non-Dead Officer

Fox News' Todd Starnes has been doing a bang up job over the past few months posting remarkably idiotic comments on the Twitters, and he continues that tradition with his most recent tweet:

Yes, Fox News' Todd Starnes does not seem to understand why our racist-in-chief would not offer condolences to the guy who is not currently dead. If Obama did do what Todd wanted, how would that go? "Sorry that Black kid got in the way of your bullets, officer"?

And now that Obama's went ahead and once again offered sympathy to a family of a slain African American teenager, prepare to see the floodgates open for more of this sort of vile, disgusting sewage spewed by every right-wing gasbag in the Party of Lincoln.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Judge Rules Ten Commandments Monument Must Go


BLOOMFIELD, N.M. (AP) — A federal judge on Thursday ruled that a New Mexico city must remove a monument inscribed with the Ten Commandments from the lawn in front of Bloomfield City Hall.

Senior U.S. District Judge James A. Parker said in his ruling in a lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union that the monument amounts to government speech and has the "principal effect of endorsing religion."

Because of the context and history surrounding the granite monument, Parker said Bloomfield clearly violated the First Amendment's Establishment Clause. He gave a Sept. 10 deadline for its removal.

The suit was filed in 2012 on behalf of two Bloomfield residents who practice the Wiccan religion.
Peter Simonson, ACLU of New Mexico executive director, called the decision a victory for protection against government-supported religion.

"We firmly support the right of individuals, religious groups, and community associations to publicly display religious monuments, but the government should not be in the business of picking which sets of religious beliefs belong at City Hall," Simonson said Friday.

According to previous court testimony, plaintiff Jane Felix said the display "says that anybody who doesn't agree with this monument on city grounds is an outsider."

"It has no place on City Hall property," Felix said in March.

City attorneys say private individuals erected and paid for the monument under a 2007 city resolution. That resolution allows people to erect historical monuments of their choosing.

 About damn time, I say. It was absurd that the monument managed to stay up as long as it did. The guys who paid for it claimed it was for "historical" purposes, though they seem to be getting history confused with theology.

Definitely good news for supports of separation of Church and State.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Conservative Radio Host Has Had ENOUGH And Actually Goes Galt

Let this be a warning to all you tax and spend Democrats:

Twin Cities talk-show host Jason Lewis made a sudden exit from radio Thursday night, quitting in the middle of his syndicated show, heard locally on Clear Channel’s KTLK (1130 AM).

Reached Friday morning, the conservative commentator said he decided to end “The Jason Lewis Show” to devote his full attention to his fledgling libertarian website,, but also to put his money where his mouth is on taxation and highly regulated businesses.

“There’s a tipping point for everyone and for the economy as well,” he said. “I’m going to try to make certain [Minnesota Gov.] Mark Dayton gets as little of my money as possible going forward. My ending may have been a bit dramatic, but it’s a suitable one, because it’s happening all over. If people who take capital risks keep getting demonized, they will stop playing the game.”
 Oh no! Please don't leave! How will the world go on without another smug, right-wing asshat whining on the radio about how it's so hard to be a rich, White guy these days?

The story doesn't specify whether Lewis will remain in Minnesota or relocate to a more freedom-y state. But assuming he does stay in Minnesota, I don't really see how he would be making sure that Gov. Mark Dayton "gets as little" of his money as possible. The only way I can see that is if Lewis winds up taking in a smaller paycheck from his newest venture than what he would be getting on his radio show. In which case, I would say, good job socking it to the man! That'll teach him!

Lewis made a 15-minute video that the site calls a “parody of what it is like working in a highly regulated industry and some of the events that led to his decision” to end his show., named for John Galt, the protagonist of libertarian hero Ayn Rand’s 1957 novel “Atlas Shrugged,” will be a “marketplace for causes,” said Lewis, who plans to contribute commentary as well. “We want to reward activism, but have fun as well, offering rewards for points.”
The site’s members are part of a virtual economy that uses “Galtcoins,” earned through dividends, voting and updates, to invest in such causes as supporting the Keystone XL pipeline or contributing to a political candidate’s campaign.
The site was launched after an independent crowdfunding campaign last November that raised nearly $800,000, largely on the strength of on-air promotions by Lewis, whose show was carried by more than 50 stations nationwide. According to the site’s co-founder and president, tech start-up consultant Alex Huff, most contributions were in the $25 range, with fewer than 10 topping $1,000.
The 7,000-member site had been invitation-only, Lewis said, but the goal is to expand membership and increase capital.

I watched the entire 15 minutes of that "parody" video so you don't have to (the things I do for my viewer base), and here are the lowlights:

- Libertarians/Conservatives to this day still do not understand what a "parody" is supposed to be.
- Seriously, this is just 15 minutes of this smug douchebag walking around, regurgitating right-wing economic talking points.
- Lewis has this female assistant in the beginning who he mocks for not paying any taxes (yes, he's mocking his own employee). But wait, why isn't she paying taxes? Is she an unpaid intern? Cause that would be why, asshole!
- Taxation is theft, as usual.
- He cut off an entire portion of the Ed Show explaining why professional golfer, Phil Mickelson wasn't being accurate about his tax bill, and also why it's in his interest to pay them. Wouldn't want his audience to see that now, would we?
- If you keep taxing all the rich people, there won't be any rich people left to tax.
- The video ends with Lewis abruptly quitting his job at the beginning of his show, completely ignoring his assistant's reaction of being shocked and upset at what will happen to her now that she's unemployed. Just to remind everyone, it's Lewis who we're supposed to be feel sympathetic for in this scene, apparently.

Now if only we can have every right-wing mouth piece on radio and T.V. follow suit, that would really teach that commie Obama a lesson.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Republicans Refuse To Pass Bill That Honors Pope Francis Because He Sounds Like Obama

From the party of Bible thumping, folks:

A popular piece of legislation that seeks to honor Pope Francis is stuck in Congress.

With time running out on the Capitol Hill calendar, the lawmakers who crafted the bipartisan measure are getting impatient with Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio).

The resolution, written by Reps. John Larson (D-Conn.) and Pete King (R-N.Y.), congratulates Francis on his March 2013 election and recognizes “his inspirational statements and actions.”
The seemingly innocuous resolution was referred to the House Foreign Affairs Committee, which hasn’t acted on it. The panel didn’t comment for this article.

The inaction and the lack of a white smoke signal from Boehner have sparked speculation that politics is at play.

Only 19 of the 221 co-sponsors are Republicans. The dearth of GOP members on the measure could be attributable to assertions that the pope is “too liberal,” according to a Republican backer of the legislation.

The source noted that Francis last year denounced “trickle-down economics.”

Some Republicans believe the pope is “sounding like [President] Obama. [The pope] talks about equality — he actually used the term ‘trickle-down economics,’ which is politically charged,” the GOP official said.

I never tire of seeing Republicans turn their backs on religious figures whenever they advocate something that goes against the "correct" Republican teachings of Christianity.

If Republicans are annoyed at Pope Francis for attacking our beloved job creators, imagine how they'll react once they learn about that Jesus Christ fellow.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Dick Morris Says Power Hungry Tyrant Obama Will Probably Resign

Remember Dick Morris? He's the toe-sucking little troll who predicted Mitt Romney would win the last election with 325 electoral votes, and a whole slew of other, equally idiotic predictions. The guy was so inept, incompetent, and completely wrong about everything that even Fox News (!) decided to give him the boot.

Fortunately for Dick, he still appears to be respectable enough to warrant interviews from certain other outlets in wingnut media, such as the folks at Newsmax:

President Barack Obama has been criticized for continuing to headline political fundraisers while the country is facing so many crises, but veteran political commentator Dick Morris says the president doesn't seem to care if it hurts his image. 
"I think Obama has almost 'cashed-it-in' at far as that goes," Morris told Ed Berliner on "MidPoint" on Newsmax TV Thursday.

"I think he's removed, distracted, aloof," he said.

"If I open the newspaper tomorrow and I learn that Obama resigned, I wouldn't be surprised," Morris added.
 Yes, which is exactly why he's constantly going to those fundraisers that Republicans keep bitching about. Morris continues, with what I assume is supposed to be evidence for why Obama will resign:

Morris also appeared on "America's Forum" on Newsmax TV Thursday, telling hosts J.D. Hayworth and John Bachman that the president's ultimate goal is "to convert the United States into a one-party nation . . . where there is only one functioning party and a bunch of splintered opposition parties."

To reach his goal, Obama "is mobilizing all the powers of the federal government to achieve that."
Morris contends that he is doing that through his effort to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants so he can "bring as many Democratic voters into the country as he possibly can," by increasing the number of Americans who are on welfare, by increasing the union rolls "so that they can control their votes and their campaign contributions," by blocking the "filibuster for judicial confirmations . . . so that his executive actions can be approved," by eliminating the Electoral College, and by combating voter ID laws.

Such despotic machinations are totally what you would expect from someone who plans on calling it quits some time next week. The line between Obama and Der Fuhrer blurs with every passing day. 

Watch the video below: