Thursday, January 1, 2015

Fox News Contributor Says Putin Date-Raped That Slutty Obama

You know my new year was going pretty well until I saw this video of one of the pilonidal cysts at Fox News:

For those of you that can't watch videos at work, Fox News contributor, and massive sack of pus, Lt. Colonel Peters had this to say about the way President Obama has been dealing with Vladmir Putin:

“You know, he tried to romance Putin and he got date-raped.”

First of all, seriously, what is the deal with conservatives and rape? Second, that attack is pretty incoherent. If Obama was the one was trying to "romance" Putin, presumably that mean he was trying to get into the former KGB leader's pants, it would make the "date-rape" kind of unnecessary, no? Yes, I know for conservatives, it's generally insult Obama first and worry about it making sense later, and Peters was no doubt just looking for any excuse to put "Obama" and "rape" together but still.

But also, how exactly is the situation bad from the U.S. perspective exactly? Unless there was some massive geopolitical change that happened in the past 5 minutes, Russia's not looking too hot. Their economy is in a downward spiral and Putin's shenanigans in Ukraine have led him losing major support from other allies. How does Putin look good in any of this?

Of course, it's probably also one of those things that you're not supposed to actually think about, just accept that it's bad cause a conservative says so.

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