Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Welfare For Me, Not For Thee: Joni Ernst Edition

Joni Ernst, one of the most recent additions to the chicken-head-biting caucus in the senate, ran on making sure that congress stops spending so much dang money. Well, unless it's spent on the right people, of course:

The truth about her family’s farm roots and living within one’s means, however, is more complex. Relatives of Ernst (née: Culver), based in Red Oak, Iowa (population: 5,568) have received over $460,000 in farm subsidies between 1995 and 2009. Ernst’s father, Richard Culver, was given $14,705 in conservation payments and $23,690 in commodity subsidies by the federal government–with all but twelve dollars allocated for corn support. Richard’s brother, Dallas Culver, benefited from $367,141 in federal agricultural aid, with over $250,000 geared toward corn subsidies. And the brothers’ late grandfather Harold Culver received $57,479 from Washington—again, mostly corn subsidies—between 1995 and 2001. He passed away in January 2003.


The benefit accrued to Ernst’s family does, however, undermine her claims that her family “lived within her means” and that she is committed to cutting pork–swine testicle extrication past notwithstanding.

 "I've been on welfare and farm subsidies, but did anyone help me out? No!"

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