Friday, February 13, 2015

Alabama Judge Compares Discriminating Gays To Ending Slavery

CNN's Chris Cuomo invited Alabama Chief Justice, Roy Moore to discuss Moore's continuation of blocking same sex marriage in his state, despite a federal judge telling him to knock it off. The interview is well worth watching in its entirety, but probably the most stunning moment was how Moore tried to justify his shenanigans (skip to 13:15):

Let me ask you this, Chris. Would you have followed the order in Dred Scott that black people were property? Or would you have followed the order in Plessy vs. Ferguson which said that "separate but equal" was the policy of the United States? Can you answer that please?

You really have to admire the ability of conservatives to construct the most twisted logical arguments. Lest there be any confusion, Moore is trying to argue that court decisions that made it okay to discriminate against certain people are exactly the same as court decisions made to prevent discrimination of certain people. And Moore, who is fighting for the right to discriminate against a minority group, sees himself as the same as the people who were fighting against discrimination of a minority group. Yeah, that makes perfect sense.

Someone should also remind Moore that the people who defied the federal government in the 1800s weren't the abolitionists. And they certainly weren't from the state Moore happens to be a chief justice in.

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