Thursday, September 3, 2015

John McCain Sees Nothing Wrong With Highly Edited Planned Parenthood Videos

Senator John McCain participated in a town hall meeting in Arizona recently, and a reporter asked him about the doctored Planned Parenthood videos released by the right-wing  Center For Medical Progress. His response was....interesting:

During Monday's meeting, McCain was asked specifically about a report produced by an independent forensic video team concluding that even the full-length, supposedly unedited videos were, in fact, edited and that given the doctoring of the film, a judge might be reluctant to accept the tapes as legitimate evidence should the matter go to court.

The 10-page report, sent to Senate and House leadership last week, highlighted that of the five videos analyzed, there are “at least 42 splices where content is cut and edited together to create the appearance of seamless conversations . . . In some cases, these splices completely change the meaning of statements.”

“Listen, I don't know who did this report, but I saw the video with my own two eyes,” he said, cracking a little smile. “No matter how they're edited, they're still disgusting in my view.”
He dismissed the reporter who had asked the question with a wink.

This is quite an answer. You would think that grossly manipulating video footage to have Planned Parenthood employees say things that they clearly weren't saying, things that led to this inane "controversy" to begin with, would be an important and relevant detail. But not if you're John McCain, apparently.

Also, if the videos were "disgusting"" regardless of how they were edited, why did the CMP edit them to begin with then?

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