Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Stupidest And Most Offensive Line From The Second Repulican Debate

So the second official Republican presidential debate/chicken head biting contest happened this week. As you would expect from one of these events, there was a deluge of idiocy, but for me, one moment in particular really stood head and shoulders above the others. That was when Jeb Bush, in a pitiful attempt to defend his brother's disastrous reign as president, made this stunning comment:

"As it relates to my brother, there's one thing I know for sure: He kept us safe."

Like many people who are sophisticated enough to know how to read a calendar, I was left speechless by this remark. After all, there was at least once instance during Dubya's presidency where I can recall certain bad apples escaping our heroic leader's all seeing eyes:

This, more than any other inane sound bite at the debate, really irked me. not least of which being that it was such a comically offensive and easily disprovable lie. Not one single candidate on stage, including Trump, bothered to offer a rebuttal (which I guess isn't really surprising, honestly).  Nor did any of the amazingly useless moderators. In fact, Bush was met with thunderous applause, proving yet again how Republicans voters (and their politicians) reside in their own alternate plane of existence. 
Jeb not only didn't back away from that comment the next day, he was so proud of himself that he in fact, decided to double down, and posted this tweet on his twitter page:

This deserves some award for lack of self awareness. Good gravy... 

Look, I'm not even trying to rag on ole' W much when it comes to 9/11. Sure, we all know by now that he repeated multiple warnings about the attack, but even if he did treat the threat seriously, he (or any other president for that matter) might still not have been able to prevent it. So honestly, I can cut him a tiny bit of slack here.

HOWEVER, what I can't tolerate is how, despite the horrific failure on 9/11, Bush 43, his seemingly equally idiotic brother, and their cretinous conservative comrades, consistently brag about how great the Republican Party is at protecting the country. In fact, bizarrely enough, terrorists successfully attacking us on a Republican president's watch somehow proves that terrorists wouldn't dare attack us on a Republican president's watch! It's absolutely maddening.
So far there hasn't been much of a backlash besides the usual lefty blogs and such. As far as I know, no major mainstream news outlet offered much criticism or grilled Jeb about it. In fact, as I was flipping through the channels the day after the debates, some program on CNN that doesn't have Anderson Cooper or Don Lemon as the host played that clip of Jeb, and commented on how the crowd seemed to like that answer and just moved on. 

Once again, ladies and gentlemen. Your liberal media.

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