Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Apparently, The Idea of Willingly Getting Shot At By Law Enforcement Isn't As Appealing As It Sounds

That's the sad reality that at least one Oregon occupier would have to face:

Another man from Utah who took part in the Bundy standoff told Oregon Public Broadcasting that he was miffed by how few protesters showed up. “I feel quite betrayed. It’s been on Facebook that everyone is going to come. And we show up, and everyone just craps out,” he said. “You come up here, ready to get killed if we have to and these people are just on Facebook about it."

Huh. Go figure. See, folks? This is precisely why Facebook added the "Interested" option on the event invites. That way, in case you're unable to make any solid commitments, nobody will be able to criticize you for it.

He added, “I’m not here to shoot anyone, I’m here to get shot."

Somebody should tell this guy that he can still make that happen.

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