Monday, January 11, 2016

Example #13274 of Our So-Called "Liberal" Media

Seriously, Anderson? 

At last night’s CNN Town Hall on gun control at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA, Anderson Cooper’s discussion with President Obama got fiery when Anderson asked The President if it’s fair to use the word “conspiracy” when discussing people who accuse Obama of wanting to take away guns.

“A lot of people really believe this deeply, that they just don’t trust you,” said Anderson, clearly touching a nerve.

I'm immensely disappointed at Cooper for giving any level of credibility to moronic right-wing conspiracy theories. The fact that so many idiots out there actually believe Obama is going to "take away" their guns does not make this inane belief any more legitimate.

Lots of people also "believe deeply" that the Earth is less than 6,000 years old. Lots of people also "believe deeply" that the moon landing was faked. Lots of people also "believe deeply" that Hillary Clinton wanted to murder her own Ambassador for some reason. Lots of people also "believe deeply" that homosexuality is an abomination, and that gay people should be killed.

This doesn't mean we should entertain the dittoheads who think stuff like this has any element of truth behind it.

It bothers me even more when someone like Anderson Cooper says this, than it does if some flat-Earther on Breitbart or Newsbusters does. With the latter, I totally expect this kind of thing from that bunch. That's their entire business plan. To intentionally distort and lie about everything Obama or any Democrat does.

But Anderson Cooper is generally a pretty good journalist, and what he says would carry some credibility with voters who aren't loyal Fox News viewers. The average voter, who doesn't follow politics that closely, and doesn't religiously watch The O'Reilly Factor would see Cooper's comments and think "Well, gee, if mainstream journalist, Anderson Cooper, thinks it's possible that Obama's going to impose martial law...".

This is the absolute worst thing about mainstream news anchors. That every conspiracy theory on the Right, no matter how breathtakingly stupid, deserves a platform. People like Anderson Cooper think they're being objective by allowing both sides to make an argument, without bothering to get in the way. But that's the exact opposite of being objective. A journalist's job is to seek out the truth. I'm not talking about taking a stand on whether gun control is a good or bad thing. I'm talking about details that are easily measurable and disprovable.

It's one thing to say "I believe their should be no gun control whatsoever!". It's another thing to say "Obummer wants to take all ma guns!". One of these statements we can actually fact check. And to my knowledge, while Obama has proposed many gun control measures, there's not a single one that I can find since he's become president that would do more than reauthorize the assault weapons ban.

You might think even that that's a bridge too far, but you would still be able to buy as many other guns as your heart desires. But again, that's probably the most extreme thing he's proposed, and not only has that not been enacted into law, and not only has NO gun control legislation been enacted into law under his watch, but Obama has actually expanded gun rights since he became president! Seriously, let that sink in.

Again, these are all verifiable claims. Cooper wouldn't be doing anything wrong by pointing this out.

Furthermore, even if Obama was secretly actually planning on doing what the tinfoil hat folks are claiming, how the hell is he going to accomplish that goal?  As he stated in the video, he's only got a year left in office, and even if he had more time, how would he be able to pass anything with a Republican congress and a Republican Supreme Court? Have they been pretending to oppose Obama all this time? Are they suddenly going to follow his directives now, for some reason?

Oh, I know! Obama will abolish the other two branches of government and consolidate his power right? Even if that was the case, why is he waiting until the last year of his presidency to do it? Does Obama find it more exciting that way? Seriously, I'd love some elaboration. This is better than a Tom Clancy novel.

It's totally understandable why Obama responded in a very annoyed manner to Cooper's inane remarks. I don't blame him whatsoever. I expect way better of Anderson Cooper and he should be ashamed.

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