Sunday, January 3, 2016

Once Again, Your Liberal Media, Ladies And Gentlemen...

From Rawstory:

CNN law enforcement analyst Art Roderick said over the weekend that armed protesters who took over a federal building in Oregon were not being treated harshly like Black Lives Matter protesters and Muslims would be because they were “not looting anything.”


Roderick told CNN host Brian Stelter on Sunday that law enforcement should not react with force to end the militia’s occupation of the federal building.

“The last thing we need is some type of large confrontation because that’s when stuff goes bad,” Roderick explained. “And I think in this particular instance, if we just wait them out, see what they’ve got to say, then eventually, they’re all going to go home.”

Stelter pointed out that many activists had complained if the militia members were “Black Lives Matter protesters or if these were peaceful Muslim Americans [then] they would be treated very differently by law enforcement.”

“This is a very rural area,” Roderick replied. “It is out in the middle of nowhere. What are they actually doing? They’re not destroying property, they’re not looting anything.”

If illegally taking over a piece of federal property doesn't constitute "looting", I don't know what does. And even if they didn't decide to lay claim to federal property, there is the whole issue of, you know, THREATENING TO KILL ANYONE THAT TRIES TO REMOVE THEM (seriously, why is this detail constantly being overlooked?).

Brian Stelter is normally a pretty good journalist, but unfortunately, in this instance he just went ahead and nodded in agreement with Roderick's inane comments. Come on, Brian. You're better than that.

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