Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Republicans Start The New Year Off With Yet Another Obummercare Repeal Bill

This would probably make the 62nd repeal vote Republicans have had so far:

For the first time, Republicans on Wednesday are expected to send a bill to President Obama’s desk that would repeal most of his signature healthcare law.
While the bill faces a certain veto, the vote in the House brings Republicans closer than ever before to dismantling the healthcare legislation that they say has failed the country.

This stopped being funny around the 25th attempt.

I know Republicans are just trying to appease their stupid base, but I would think even the base is just intelligent enough to realize these are all meaningless votes that will have zero impact on the actual law itself. I mean, I would figure that there would be at least one teabagger out there who realizes that if this is the 62nd attempt at repealing Obamacare, then that would mean the other 61 times somehow failed to do the job. If I were a (god forbid) a Republican voter, I'd be pissed that my useless congressmen would be treating me in such a patronizing manner.

Granted, Democrats do tend to hold symbolic votes as well, but those are generally only done one or two times, and in many cases it's to get members of congress to take an official stand on a piece of legislation. I don't recall there being 60+ votes held by the Democratic congress on repealing the Bush tax cuts, or withdrawing completely from Iraq.

Still, when it comes to actual damage Republicans are inflicting on the country, these moronic symbolic spectacles are not actually pernicious, so I suppose it's not worth making a huge stink.

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