Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Well Somebody In The Oregon Legal System Plans On Punishing #Yallqaeda

This is a good start:

An Oregon judge says he will bill Ammon Bundy up to $70,000 a day to reimburse Harney County for security costs related to the ongoing occupation of a wildlife refuge.

Of course, while I fully support this course of action, the problem lies in the other part of the equation: how to get these meatheads to actually pay up. After all, Ammon and Ryan's deadbeat dad, Cliven, owed the government over a million dollars, which was the entire reason his inbred hide became a nationwide story in the first place. As of this date, he still owes the government that million dollars, and presumably with interest.

At the moment however, Cliven hasn't made any announcement on any plans to make good on said payment, and the Feds don't seem to be too bothered by it either. I don't see how this situation will play out any differently. This nice judge may be mailing bills to the Bundy household after this idiotic insurrection is done, but mostly said bills will be used for kindling.

Of course, I'm also totally fine with jail time too. Just throwing that out there.

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