Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Donald Trump Doesn't Know What Obamacare Is And Neither Does His Campaign Manager

Yesterday, Donald Trump went on Fox News to complain about, among other things, Obamacare. Like with many other topics, Trump once again demonstrated that he doesn't seem to understand the things he complains about:

“Well, I don’t use much Obamacare, I must be honest with you, because it is so bad for the people and they can’t afford it. And like, for instance, I’m at Trump National Doral in Miami, and we don’t even use Obamacare. We don’t want it. The people don’t want it and I spend more money on health coverage, but we don’t use it.”

So he doesn't "use much Obamacare", but also "spends more money on health coverage". Taken together, these are nonsensical statements.

While no one will ever mistake Donald Trump for being a policy wonk, it would appear that this misunderstanding of Obamacare extends to his campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, as well:

"I would call those employees who do not have to suffer under Obamacare, the lucky ones, because they work for the Trump organization and they're insured fully."

What Trump, Conway and a lot of other conservatives don't seem to understand is that Obamacare is not a product. It's actually a framework of regulations for the private insurance market. One cannot call up the Department of Health and Human Services and ask to "buy" some Obamacare, because it's not a thing you can actually "buy". It would be like trying to go to the DMV and asking to buy some Interstate Highway System. If you have private insurance of any kind, you are technically using "Obamacare". So the "lucky" employees Conway is referring to, who are "insured fully" by Trump are in fact, using Obamacare.

During the interview, Conway also said that the campaign supports keeping the provision that allows patients with pre-existing conditions to buy insurance because "it already exists", somehow ignoring that the reason for its existence is because of the ACA.


  1. Or like going to the car dealership to buy some speed limits.

    1. Ooh this is even better. Mind if I steal it?

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