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Advantages of Owning Cars

People, a few centuries ago relied on animals for their transport. The go to mode of transport was mainly the use of horse driven carriages and this, was mainly used by the elite families. Growing accustomed to the use of metal beasts over the use of animals for transport was a great leap for us as mankind. The answer lies in the comforts said metal affords us over the comfort derived from travelling with horses and carriages.

Flexibility has been enabled by the use of cars in this age and time. The use of animals for transport long ago was a common. Transport using railway was also a common thing. Rail was mainly used to transport people who were going to far off lands that would take longer to get to when using animals, as well as for transporting mined goods like coal. Social stratification was introduced as other means such as air and boat use for transport. First class was for the wealthy while third class was for the average person. In the modern age, cars remove if not lessen the social classes’ effects. The booking of a ticket prior to making travel plans is not needed when travelling with cars too.

A sense of personal freedom has been developed in this age. Going to work, shopping and even going to hang out with friends has never been easier. Other pleasures that cars are able to give us can be derived from this too. For example, when one is in need of urgent medical assistance, an ambulance is but a call away. In rural areas, however, ambulances might not be on call and this raises the value of a residence with a vehicle since they will be able to take the ailing to the nearest health center for help.

Pleasure trips and unplanned vacations can be taken when one has a car. It is not usually an uncommon sight to see families decide to go for vacation weekends. They usually just get up and throw their luggage in their trunks, get in and they are off. Such ease of travelling to even remote areas is not accommodated by many means of travelling. The limitations that other transport modes are affected by do not easily affect the use of vehicles. Possession of a car is thus, a luxury since it has many benefits.

Our lives would be very stressful if at all we were in a world without cars. Cars, therefore, have an important role to play in our everyday lives.

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